About Us


Mission Statement

To help the church by providing an affordable and simple church software solution that is professional, efficient, powerful, proven, and easy to use.

Our Beginning

Churchsoft was founded by Rev. Danny Keen who served as pastor of various churches and serves as Chief Developer and Consultant…

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 About The Company

Churchsoft is committed to providing quality church software at an affordable price. With over 600,000 churches in America, and only 40 percent of them using any church management software at all, there is a great need to minister to the other 60 percent. Churchsoft offers a Christian staff that is working not just from the heart, but from experience. Many of our staff members are current or former full time church staff members. This allows us to cater our church management software the way you need it done and at the same time providing courteous technical support.  Church ministry and accounting software should assist you in ministry, not burden you. We are glad to help!

Recent growth has created a need for additional office space and human resources. New lines have been added and new personnel are in place to provide our customers with top quality service and support. We are in the process of expanding our sales force nationwide. Look around the corner at your next convention and you will probably see a Churchsoft booth. Talk with our knowledgeable representatives about our innovative solutions for the church.

Our staff is dedicated to helping your church. When you call, our trained professionals are there to direct your call. The sales personnel are always available to receive your orders and answer questions about our product. When it comes to support, you will not find a more thorough and knowledgeable staff that will walk you step by step through your technical questions.

Meet The Team:


Danny Keen, CEO and Founder


Jane Keen, Vice-President and Office


Yvonne Howard, Office, Sales and Marketing


Kevin Baker, Tech Support, Development and CS Online


John Keen, Sales and Training


Michael Kane, Sales and Training


Jonathan Crowe, Tech Support


Churchsoft has experienced rapid growth in recent years.  Continue to browse our website to see why thousands of customers worldwide have switched to Churchsoft!!