Contributions Form

Contribution Form

——————– Easy Entry of Individual Giving ——————–

Contribution Features

  • Displays Form Title In Form Title Bar
  • Display of logged on user in the Sub-Title Bar
  • Display of current time and date in the Sub-Title Bar
  • Navigation Sidebar Menu with mouse rollover effect
  • Changed color of field labels to blue
  • Changed fields from gray 3-D to a box with gray border
  • The field view is automatically set to persist view virtually eliminating accidental deletion of data
  • The layout of the fields is vertical vice horizontal and the tab order goes from top to bottom
  • Changed the style and look of the buttons
  • Buttons now are light blue with dark blue text
  • Buttons have icons that which makes using the program more aesthetic and appealing
  • Button have a mouse over effect that highlights to a different color and button text turns black
  • When the button is pressed the highlight is darkened and returns to original color on mouse up
  • Most fields highlight when the user arrives on the field
  • Year To Date Giving Display
  • Auto Insert Split Amount options box
  • Return to Amount if Remainder is 0
  • Backup File Name field
  • Prev Post Date Displayed
  • Last Post Date Displayed
  • Last Gave On Displayed
  • Reports are displayed in a list
  • Auto Enter Date Range
  • All Reports have updated layout and font scheme
  • Reports open in Print Preview mode
  • Double-Click on Report Name opens report
  • Filter Reports by:
    1. All Givers
    2. Members Only
    3. Visitors Only
    4. Reg Attending Non-Members
    5. Other Donors
    6. Members and Visitors
    7. Member’s Visitors, RA-Non