Desktop Suite

Assist 7 Integrated Desktop Suite

“–Absolutely the best value in desktop church management software.”


If you are looking for an affordable and simple church software to install on your church computer then the choice is clear!  Form by form and feature by feature you will be amazed at this high quality professional and comprehensive package.  Thousands of customers have already switched.  Look for your self and we believe you will agree Churchsoft’s Assist 7 is the best choice.

First we would like to know if you are looking for a desktop application that has a particular feature.  Chances are Assist 7 already does what you are wanting.  Contact us and with your question or questions  and we will promptly get back to you.  If price is a deciding factor as you research other competitors then also contact us as we offer competitor upgrade pricing.

CALL 888-301-8580 For latest pricing of software and support plans.

SIGNUP for FREE 60 day trial.  A download link will be sent so the complete software package can be install and review.