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Contact Apps


  • New design, layout and look provides a starting point to access other modules
  • Go Back and Go Forward Buttons in the Title Bar
  • Large easy to read title bar
  • Display of logged on user in the Sub-Title Bar
  • Display of date and time in the Sub-Title Bar
  • The tab title bar displays the tabs contents
  • Navigation Sidebar Menu
  • Right Click sub-menus to open other forms
  • Larger and easier to read App style icons
  • Icons on side bar and tab page have a mouse over effect
  • Modules are grouped on Tabs
  • Facebook and Twitter links
  • Church People notebook tab that connects the user to people related forms
  • Ministries notebook tab which organizes various church ministries such as a Prayer Module
  • Attendance notebook tab for easily opening and tracking attendance
  • Letters and Labels notebook tab for letters, mail merge and email to group
  • Finances notebook tab to connect with the financial modules in Assist
  • Internet Notebook tab with links to Churchsoft, Tech Support, Online Backup
  • Internet tab also includes links to Corel, Email, Download link, Online FAQ link
  • Connects to remote technical support and Church Store-Shop for online purchases
  • Meeting and Events tab for church minutes, appointments, Contacts and Calendar
  • Tools and Utilities tab for upgrading, file repair, map programs and setting up users