Churchsoft offers training in the following formats:

1) Onsite Church Training – A Churchsoft representative will come to your church and train your staff. This training option is typically the most productive and beneficial, because we use your church’s actual data while we learn.
The price for this training format will vary based on travel times and expenses, accommodations, and hotel rates.

2) Onsite Training Seminar – A Churchsoft representative will stop at various spots across the country for a day and train any and all that would like to participate. This training event is cost effective because it is open to anyone in the area and the costs and expenses are shared by all that attend. If you don’t mind sending your staff on a little road trip and a Churchsoft representative is coming to your area, then this event is definitely for you.

Registration fee is $399/1st person and $299.00 for each additional person. Registration fees are due in full at time of registration.
Pre-registration discounts are available.

3) Customized Webinar – A Churchsoft representative will tailor a specific training session for your church’s needs. Even though the entirety of the program’s abilities are covered, more time can be spent in the areas YOU prefer. This cost effective training option requires only a high speed internet connection and a phone for each trainee (or speakerphone). It is ideal for churches that have 1-2 people who need training and are not able to attend an onsite training seminar.
$199.00 per person. (includes utilizing your church data in the training event)

4) Churchsoft Webinar – A Churchsoft representative will conduct a general training session that covers the program in its entirety to ensure everyone knows how to utilize each module. More time will be spent on the more frequently used areas of the program (outreach, membership, contributions) and there will be a question and answer session following the presentation.

5) Training Videos – This option is currently a work in progress and not available at this time. We encourage you to give us your feedback in the comments section. The feedback we receive on this option will determine if and/or how soon it will be developed.



Contact Yvonne or Michael at 888-301- 8580.


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