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A Lower Price,  Extra Perks, Better Guarantee, a Stylish Interface and Proven by 1000’s of users is why Churchsoft is the go-to choice for fund accounting and church management software.  We believe that every church should have an easy to use contribution and ministry software package that enables you to connect with your congregation.  Churchsoft provides the latest and newest technology to fast track information by utilizing modern customizable tools for . . . 

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Assist – A Proven Solution

Church Software Development Experts

Welcome! We wanted to take a minute to introduce our professional suite of church record keeping and ministry software. Churchsoft is pleased to provide you with an excellent team of friendly workers, administrators and technicians with years of ministry and technology experience.

We are proud to provide churches access to a multitude of forms, reports and technical services.  Churchsoft contributes to the overall quality and prestige of your organization by bringing added value to your church through enhanced ministry and by creating increased revenue opportunities.  No matter the size, Churchsoft provides solutions that “Assist” you, your staff, as well as, your congregation.  We are here to help!

Our customizable, cost-effective software and services are  designed to improve the quality and quantity of your ministry. Simply give us a call today to speak with a member of our knowledgeable team!


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“A powerful and customizable software that works and is fun to use”.

Outstanding Features

Desktop or Cloud
Built-in Security

The Assist 2022 Desktop Pro Suite includes dozens of forms and hundreds of reports.  The desktop version can be installed on an unlimited number of pc’s owned by the registered purchaser.  Also, the program can be setup on a network–additional fees may apply.  Assist Online is on a blazing fast server in a military grade data center.  No need to purchase extra equipment.  Nothing to install.  Just sign up and we can have you up setup in a matter of minutes.

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Fund Accounting
Budgets & Reports

Fund Accounting at its best.  Money can be categorized by Banks, Funds, Budget Groups, Accounts / Categories.  Easily log contributions, post them to the General Ledger and run hundreds of great looking reports.  Also included is a Budget Module, Pledge module, an Employee module and a Payroll module that integrates with the General Leger.  Print 941 forms, 1099 data, budget comparison reports, profit and loss, tithing statements and transactions reports.  

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+ Go Mobile

Communicating with members is more important since many people are now working from home.  Sending text or emails is quick and easy with just a few clicks.  Members can receive notifications almost instantly.  When a visitor attends, a letter can be printed and sent out or emailed.  The Letters module has prebuilt letters that can be easily modified.  If you have a special event, you have the option of printing labels and sending a flyer. Send email or texts to one person or a group.

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PDF Reports
And Letters

Communicating with members is more important now that many people are working from home.  Sending text or emails is quick and easy with just a few clicks.  Members receive notifications instantly.  When guest attends a letter can be printed and sent out.  The Letters module has prebuilt letters that can be easily modified.  Or, you you have a special event you have the option of printing labels and sending a flyer. 

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General Ledger
Online Giving

Checking writing is simple and easy with the General Ledger.  Track Income and Expense, print profit and loss, see fund balances and run budget comparison reports.  The Employee module and a Payroll module integrates with the General Leger.  Print 941, 1099 and track W-2 information.  No other church software includes as much as Churchsoft Assist 2022.  Sign up and download your program today.

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People Groups
Spiritual Gifts 

Track Spiritual Gifts, Prospects, Groups, Volunteers, Youth.  Keep up with SS, AM PM or Midweek attendance.  Follow up with new converts, absentees or  decisions.  Our program is a tool that is designed by a pastor to help your church grow. Over 20 years, thousands have purchased our program that has been proven and tested.  You will get more for you money and we back our program with a money-back guarantee.

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Our Executive Team

Danny K, Owner & CEO

Jane K, VP

Yvonne H, Manager

John K, VP

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Full package with 50+ Apps and over 400+ automated reports

Beginning January 1, 2022 Churchsoft will offer 24/7 tech support for our customers

We will transfer your data for FREE (use promo cade FDT2022)

All Pastors receive a free copy to put on their home computer and laptop

We donate our desktop software to mission churches and congregations under 35 attendees

A toll-free number is provided for phone support.

We offer the best money back guarantee in the industry.  Get started for Free.  Nothing to sign and No credit card required.


No other software offers you so much for so little.  Join thousands of  churches that have already purchased “Assist”  by Churchsoft.  See list below.

Southern Baptists,  National Baptists, Independent Baptist, Free Will Baptists, Assemblies of God, Church of God In Christ (COGIC), Methodists, Lutherans, Presbyterian, Church of God (Cleveland), American Baptists, AME, CME, Missionary Baptist, Nazarene, Christian Missionary Alliance, PAW, United Pentecostals, Church of God of Prophecy, Regular Baptist, General Baptist, Apostolic, Full Gospel, Bible Baptist Fellowship, Wesleyan, ARC and More…


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