Take the Time To Stay Informed


Recently we have developed a new church management software website with a fresh and clean appearance.  If you have been  wondering how you can have more access to information that will help answer questions about using Assist 2022 then this new website will provide you with some  technical skills.  We will be posting User Guides, Frequently Asked Questions, and Contact information.  Also, we plan to post training materials that will help the entire church staff.  At first glance you will see the inviting interface and we believer you will actually enjoy exploring the exciting things that are soon coming to Churchsoft. 

We try not to misled potential customers by posting reviews that were done by big corporations and people that have never even worked in a church.  Also, many of these reviews are paid advertisement and prejudice to those who pay to get a top rated review.  Our software speaks for itself. 

Team Assist – Employees

Recently we have hired Chase, a new Tech Agent who is helping with customer support.  He also is working to market our software more aggressively and helps with other IT work as needed.  Rick and John also serve as support technicians.  Jane continues to do our bookkeeping and Yvonne answers the phone and serves as Operational Manager.

New Upgrade

Take a moment to post any suggestions you have by clicking the Contacts page.  A new upgrade will be released in December and we want to make sure that any feature you need is packaged into the program.

Tax  Tables and Payroll

End of year tax information will be available by January 5, 2022 provided the new tax tables, etc. are released.  Also there will be an update to the Payroll module.  The new upgrade will include the new 941’s and Budget reports.