Churchsoft – Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our churches have questions about installing, upgrading, transferring files and general “how to” questions.  We are always glad to serve you and strive to do so with professionalism and integrity.    In addition, we are in the process of developing this page with a few questions and answers that are related to tech as well as sales.  If you don’t find the answer that you are needing, please go to the Help Desk page and put in a Trouble Ticket or call our toll-free number 1 (888) 301-8580.

  1. What is Churchsoft Assist 2022?
    Assist 2022 is a Church Management Software (ChMS) application designed to help churches keep track of People, Attendance, Contributions, Fund Accounting, SMS Messaging, e-mail and much more.  With hundreds of customized reports and all the apps you need for a fraction of what you would expect to pay.
  2. What is included in the Free Trial?
    Everything!  Our free trial includes all the apps and functions of the fully purchased program.  The free trial will be limited to only 25 records that will allow you to experience all the features and functions of Assist 2022
  3. Is Assist 2022 Web based or Desktop?
    Assist will run via internet connection or as a stand alone program on a users desktop
  4. How Safe is my Online information?
    We value safety and security.  That is why we have built a rock-solid, triple redundant infrastructure to store your data.  All information is stored in a military grade data center that is backed up constantly to avoid data loss.  Additionally, we have installed cutting edge anti virus and security software. 
  5. Will Assist run on a Mac, Phone, or Tablet?
    Yes! Assist Online will run on a mac, smart phone or tablet with an internet connection.  Assist 2022 Desktop will run on a Mac as long as the Mac is running a Windows environment.
  6. How many records can I add to Assist?
    Assist does not limit you to the number off records you can add.  Whether your ministry has 20 or 2,000, Assist can handle them all.
  7. If I switch to Churchsoft, can my data be transferred from my current database. 
    Yes, provided your current data can be exported to a comma, tab delimited, dbase, excel or db file.

  8. What is the charge for transferring data?
    If we are transferring from another company, there will not be a fee unless the data is problematic.

  9. Does my license allow the program to be installed on a network?
    Yes, but there will be a fee if there are more than two computers that must be networked.
  10. Can we setup User Accounts and Controls?
    Yes.  You can setup designated roles and responsibilities as well as restrict access to areas of confidentiality

  11. Can we send SMS and Emails from the program?
    Emailing and Texting are include in the purchase or subscription to Assist.  You receive unlimited emails and a compliment of 1000 text, after which text messages can be purchased in quantities of 1000.
  12. Do you have a Money Back Guarantee?
    Yes.  Churchsoft Assist comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.  
  13. What about Technical Support and Training?
    Churchsoft provides unlimited ongoing technical support for all online customers at no additional charge.  Desktop customers receive 90 free technical support and may purchase a very affordable annual support plan with unlimited support and free updates.