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“I am completely and 100% satisfied with the quick service and quality support that I receive from Churchsoft.”

Michael and Lovie Sophus

Churchsoft Customer


I was searching the internet one day trying to find another church software because the one I am using now seems to be having some issues and I don’t have an operations manual for the software. So before the program get totally out of control I wanted to have a backup plan. I wanted to find a software that is similar to the one I have now or better. So God blessed me with better; I found Churchsoft Assist a church software that helps you manage your church. 


This is an easy to work with program and you will have all the help you need with the Churchsoft Assist software support technicians. 

They are always available for you when you have questions or need help working and understanding the program. I was given an operators manual at the time I received the software and it was easy to follow the step by step instructions. But I am not very smart with computers and I need help sometimes. Churchsoft Assist technicians made my start up period with the software a smooth one. 


This software is all I need and more, thank you Churchsoft Assist. 

Pastors Michael & Lovie Sophus
The House of Prayer
Christian Fellowship Church
12454 Cutten Rd Ste S
Houston, Texas 77066

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Churchsoft Churches  

Peace Free Will Baptist Church

We have been using Churchsoft software for many years.  A few years ago we switched to the Online software where everything is backed up by their server and we can logon from any computer, anywhere.  It has been so beneficial to be able to work from home or the office. 

It is very user friendly, has multiple features to do reports, track attendance, classrooms, groups, special programs, payroll, contributions, etc. that a Church would need.  The technical support team is very knowledgeable and very helpful and professional and easy to make an appointment with and very prompt to respond. 


Donna Floyd

Secretary / Treasurer | Peace Church Florence, SC

Saint Paul AME Church

As the newly appointed Financial Secretary for Saint Paul AME Church, Covington GA,  I have found Churchsoft to be an invaluable tool in assisting me with tracking and reporting the Church’s financial activity.  I’m still learning the software but so far the system seems to be comprehensive and very user friendly. 

Tech  support has bent over backward to help and is well worth the subscription cost. Looking forward to becoming more proficient in my use of the many features available. “


Rosell Lindsey-Stokes

Covington, GA


Going the extra mile

“When I was in need of some serious technical help and did not know how to fix my problem.  I made a zip file of my data and put it in John’s hands. He found the solution to the problem that was of my own making.  In addition, he transferred my data to the new upgrade and the turn around time was in the same day. I can truly say that Churchsoft lives up to their motto of “helping the church”.

– Brice Southerland, TX

Quality And Quantity 

“I received a great offer, from another company but it was so expensive that our church could not afford it because the price increased greatly according to the number of names that I would enter.  Churchsoft from the beginning gave me unlimited entry of people.  And, their price overall was lower than any other software I reviewed.  Plus they were willing to work out a payment plan to my satisfaction.

– Lucille Campano, NY

It’s Almost Perfect

“After the church computer crashed, the board bought a nice up to date PC.  It was the best computer that I had ever used.  I didn’t just want to continue using the same old software, so I looked and researched to find a complete church management program.  When I found Churchsoft, I quit looking because I realized it was the right program for our church and  would do what we needed it to do”.

– Bridgette Donaldson, GA

Amazingly flexible

“I could not believe how the software was so flexible in allowing me to customize the program to my church.  In addition, I wanted customization so I was able to get a copy of their report making program and customize my reports even more.  The truly great thing is how the program is integrated and relational.  I never have to type a name and address but one time and use throughout each module”

– User, Virgin Islands

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Rick uses the software every week in his work and in the church he pastors